Can I still receive a Founding Membership?

No. Founding Memberships were for the first 100 sign ups, and for a limited time.

What happens if I take a written exam, but don't have a dog?

You can take your written exams at any time and at any testing site. If you have a passing grade it doesn’t expire and you do nothing have to retake it. If you are unhappy with your final grade you can do a retake at your discretion if you would like to raise your grades. Retakes are at a reduced price. Online proctor testing will be available soon and at an added cost paid to the proctor service.

Can I certify with a dog online?

Yes! If you have a iPhone and can use FaceTime, Skype, or another service to stream we can certify your dog via the web.You will have to have a closed salon, no background noise, and a second person to run the camera in the manner directed. We will ask to see the rooms surroundings and occupation of the person recording. You will be directed on how to show us prep work, we will view the entire groom live as it happens, and instruct you on what to show us afterwards. You must have a good internet connection.

Can I use my competition dog to certify?

Yes! You can certify at any show we attend with your competition dog. You must be a registered member. You can pay the fees beforehand or in person at the event.

Can I share my membership and passwords?

No. They are tracked and personal to you. We ask you be respectful and do not share your membership privileges with friends, family and co-workers.

Do I need a show dog?

No! You are certifying to be the best professional pet groomer you can be. We do not expect show quality dogs, and understand that they are not accessible to everyone.

I didn't receive my items, or password, or can't log in!

Don’t panic! Email and within 24 hours you will have a response and someone working on any technical matter you may have.

Do I have to groom a cat to be a Intellectual Groomer Master Stylist?

No. You will have to answer questions in the master exam that pertain to cats in order to gain your master stylist status.

How do I get a Certified Feline Certificate then?

You will have to groom a cat in order to gain our Feline certificate. This is an added certificate to the other individuals, and to the master stylist. This can be done through submitted video. We do not expect a cat to be in a room full of dogs at a testing site. We will hold cat only certification sites in the future.

Will my membership automatically renew?

No, it will not. You will be notified with ample time to renew your membership and certifications. Certifications not renewed within 30 days will become invalid.

How can I have a certification at my location?

Easy, request it. You should have a minimum of 1,000 square feet and be able to host at least 20 groomers. For any state other than Florida 15-20 groomers are required. Our home base is in Florida so we can be a little more lenient to the amount of groomers at a testing site due to less travel expense. You can host a one day test only site, or a two day test site with workshop. The host will receive a discount to the testing.

What happens if I fail?

You have the option to do a retake same day, or at another time at a retake fee.

I want to file a grievance about a certification experience.

We want to be aware of any concerns you have. You have twenty days from the date of the testing to file a grievance to Deana Mazurkiewicz at

It will be reviewed by board members and staff involved to come to a resolution.

Are my testing fees refundable if I don't show up?

No. If you pay for certification testing and do not show up the fees are not refundable.

What happens if I arrive late?

We will evaluate each situation individually. We suggest you leave in ample time to arrive EARLY, and to have your dog walked prior and brought in first before unloading any equipment and table. Excessive tardiness can not be allowed so that there is no disruption to those already testing. Calling IGA if you are running late is suggested so we can try to accommodate you.

You didn't answer my question

Ok, email me so I can help you.