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Originally designed as a shedding blade for horses, the EquiGroomer works on all types of pets because it grabs loose hair by the ends so there’s absolutely no tugging, no damage or harm to either coat or skin.  The result is fur that’s smooth and shiny!  Best of all, dogs and cts love it!  Guaranteed!


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Nicole Kallish

Sarasota Grooming Company

Lindsey Dicken Stripping Knives are back in stock, and even more beautiful than before! The unique wood grain in each knife makes them like piece of art, with no two knives the same.

I have fine, medium and coarse for sale individually for $34.95 and they come with a single pouch. You can also get the set of 5 knives (coarse, medium, fine, super fine and a detailer) for $149.95 and they come with the carrying case.



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