veronicaCertifier, Seminars

Veronica has been grooming since 1991, attending a local grooming school right out of high school. She has a very successful home based grooming shop, and has been grooming from home for 22 years. She has always had a passion for grooming, and jumped at the chance to enter her first competition at a local show around 1995, where she won a couple of placements. She went on to compete a few times locally, then decided to branch out, making a trip to Chicago for the All American Grooming show. This started her desire to compete at more shows. In 2006, she earned her first spot on GroomTeam USA. She has been on the team for eight of the last ten years, taking a two year break from competing in that time. She has been a member of the GroomTeam travel team three times, helping to bring home two gold titles and one silver. She has taught many private lessons and seminars locally, nationally and internationally. She resides in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband and son, one standard poodle, four miniature poodles, a boerboel, an English mastiff, three sphynx cats, and two domestic short haired cats.